I’m backing up critical U.S. Climate data.

Cinder7 aims to copy terabytes of U.S. climate data and organize it into a useful way. My aim is to create a searchable database of climate datasets. While I maintain a private seed, Cinder7 hosts the majority of its data on and google drive. I’m looking into other cloud options as well

6550 GB Mirrored

Files Stored: 8.2M


Gwydion is a virtual and augmented reality software development company in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I currently work as an artist. I help develop 3D assets, model, texture, render, and design concepts for Gwydion. I also help bridge the gap between the art team and the web platform development team. I work with artists and engineers on a daily basis and promote excellent teamwork.

 Emerson School

I work at Emerson school as the resident videographer. I shoot video, edit, write scripts, conduct interviews, conceptualize video concepts, and more.