Fed Up is a 2014 documentary explaining the fastest growing health crisis in human history: obesity. As a high school rower, I rarely ever watched what I ate. My parents cooked great home meals and I never remember tv diners filling my stomach after a long day on the water. I always believed you eat what you want and workout to the weight you want to be at. Call me naive or misinformed, but that’s the truth. Fed Up tackles the job of explaining what good nutrition looks like. I never knew a glass of orange juice was just as bad for you as a glass of coke.

The documentary also exposes a large and powerful lobby that I didn’t really expect to be as intimidating as they made it sound. The food and sugar lobby weasel their way into your stomach through targeted marketing, false advertising, and label obfuscation. Why is sugar not listed on food labels in American? Long story short, enough money was thrown at the US government to make it so. Fed Up takes a close look at the dynamic between the fed and these massive multinational cooperation. The documentary calls the fed into the spotlight and holds them culpable for some of the damages happening to children’s and adults alike.

This coincides with my recent decision to replace the majority of my meals with liquid food replacements, in the case of this month I’m drinking once called Soylent. It tastes like shit but I already start to feel better. It’s amazing how addicted to food you feel when you drink what amounts to oatmeal for a week.

If your interested, check out the flick below.

“America is insufficiently alert to the damage we’re doing due to excess sugar intake.” – Bill Clinton