My name is Brendan Kennedy, but most people call me Whit.  I’m a digital arts student living and learning in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I build websites, make videos, model 3d environments, create graphics, and build communities. I have a wide skill set and a lot of ambition.

This website is my blog and my portfolio of work. You can catch me blogging on just about anything, however, I do like posting music, documentaries I enjoyed, and things I am working on above all else.


My passion lies somewhere between the wires that connect us all together and the spirit of human creativity. I think that technology and the courage to question our society is what drives us forward. If I can create things that push other people to build, create, or explore then I’ve accomplished my goals.

I keep myself incredibly busy, I’m always working on something.  I fill my free time with watching documentaries about my favorite topics. Those being climate change, space, technology, the internet, war, and sometimes politics.

Where I’m Headed

After college I’m headed anywhere I can get experience and build relationships along the way. I’d like to travel for a few years and I am pursuing jobs in the gaming industry and film industry. My perfect job would have anything to do with National Geographic documentaries or space in any capacity. My hope is that I can educate and inspire people to think differently about the world around them and to enact positive changes that benefit us all.